White-Label SEO: What Is It & How It Benefits Branding

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White-Label SEO: What Is It & How It Benefits Branding

White-label SEO is one of the most exciting marketing strategies you can offer your digital marketing clients. It also allows you to offer more services without having to create and train an internal SEO team. Your clients will appreciate the fact that you offer SEO services and you’ll likely attract new clients who may have otherwise passed you by.

From defining goals and completing an audit to keyword research, linking, and reporting, you are fully involved in the whole SEO process for your client in traditional SEO. Using a white label agency or one that offers white label services becomes a partnership because you’re relying on them. It is your responsibility to communicate and build relationships with every client you have. 

What is white-label SEO?

The concept of white labeling in digital marketing is similar to ghostwriting in traditional publishing or private labeling in retail. In white-label SEO, a digital marketing agency outsources the product creation, content writing or any other service to third parties under your brand same as white label link building services. For example, your company may offer SEO services to a client, but those services are actually provided by another company under your brand.

Why white-label SEO?

Here the question rises: why white label? 

There are a number of reasons you might want to offer white-label SEO services. First of all, you don’t have to hire an SEO team and pay them a salary and benefits as well as the taxes associated with an employee. Outsourcing SEO services allows you to only pay for the hours the team works on your projects, not only downtime. In addition, the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization can be kept up to date without investing in ongoing education.

How do you choose a white-label SEO provider?

A white-label SEO partner’s capabilities will determine how successful your white-label SEO campaign will be. By choosing your partner wisely, you put your reputation and the success of your client’s business in their hands. A company with the knowledge and experience that your clients need is the best choice. It is also important to choose a company with a strong financial foundation which you can count on for three, five, or ten years to come. Getting references from satisfied clients and examples of the company’s work is not impolite. There’s nothing wrong with it. Finally, you should find a company that replies to your questions promptly and provides reports that are easy to understand.

choose a white-label SEO provider

White labeling examples?

What is the real SEO world impact of white labeling? An example can be found below. 

Your white label partner does the technical and on-page SEO plus link building for your client after you send them the client’s information, including keyword and topic research, developing an SEO strategy, and managing the SEO audit and link building. 

It is ideal that the process is seamless, with these services feeling no different to your client than the ones your own team provides them. You get a monthly or bi-monthly report detailing what they have done for your client over that period.

What is the difference between API and white label?

API, in SEO, stands for an application programming interface. This tool is used to help you choose the best keywords for your content and tell you how to use them in a way that will attract search engines, primarily Google.

Hence, APIs are AI-powered software programs, whereas white label is human-powered. Despite AI’s sophistication, if you’ve ever used it for writing or editing, you know it lacks the nuances of human engagement.

What are the benefits of white-label?

By white labeling your SEO services, you don’t have to staff and train your own team, so you can quickly offer your clients a new service without the time and expense of hiring people. Experience and expertise of your partner SEO firm.By offering an additional service, you can also appeal to new clients who are looking for a one-stop company to work with for all of their digital marketing needs.

Benefits of using white label services

There are various benefits for your digital marketing firm to use white label services, whether you have in-house expertise or not. Here are the other benefits of partnering with a white label provider.


The SEO professionals on your team may not know everything about SEO. While your team may have a lot of experience with SEO technical aspects, can they write and edit content as well? There may be times when you need to outsource certain aspects of your clients’ SEO strategies. You can use this flexibility to fill in the gaps without needing a full-time or part-time expert. 

You can expand your services by partnering with a white label company without paying overheads or purchasing expensive tools as in-house teams require. Your company can scale with white label solutions. Taking on more clients, providing excellent SEO services under your own brand, and eating a bigger slice of the revenue pie will enable you to grow. 


There are costs involved in hiring an in-house team. Salaries, bonuses, benefits, hardware, and software, as well as training, can add up. A white label company has none of these costs when you partner with them. If you need to hire a new team member, you will have to pay for recruitment costs. Additionally, you have to pay for training to keep your team updated with current trends and changes in the industry. As long as you resell the goods with the correct markup, the SEO experts will take care of the work. 

Benefits of using white label services

Access to expertise 

Using a white label partner, you will have access to seasoned SEO pros who are up to speed on the latest strategies and techniques. An outsourced search engine optimization company can help your agency gain more clients by helping boost your agency’s reputation. By doing so, you ensure that your clients are consistently receiving success. 

Undiluted focus 

Investing in client relationships is one way to ensure the longevity of your business. Outsourcing SEO projects to a white label company gives you more time to focus on your clients. Getting new clients is expensive (and time-consuming), so it makes more sense to keep your existing customers. A white label agency is a win-win situation for you and your business. By outsourcing these tasks, you won’t have to worry about improving your services, adding new ones to your portfolio, gaining more clients, or improving your profitability. 

Branding opportunities

It is the job of a white label company to do SEO audits, keyword research, content creation, and whatever else you need, but when you present the SEO reports and results to your clients under your brand, you will ensure that clients remain loyal to you. Consistent branding fosters trust and loyalty between brands and ensures that clients stay loyal to your company.

How to choose a good white label provider?

If you want to hire the best and right white label agency for your client’s business, you should define what you need first when looking for the best white label company. 

Use these 5 steps to select an SEO white label partner for your business. 

Reviews and testimonials

Using a credible agency is essential when you outsource your SEO projects. You don’t want to sign with an agency that isn’t qualified or isn’t able to deliver results for your clients. This could ruin your reputation. 

To check a white label provider’s credibility, look at their reviews and testimonials. These are genuine feedback about the company and the level of their service quality. Positive reviews and testimonials from happy clients indicate that the company is reputable.

It is a good idea to use a third-party review site to get unbiased opinions about the agency’s services. If you don’t see any testimonials on the agency’s website, you might be concerned. After all, what company doesn’t want to brag about how great their company is and how excellent its customers think it is? 

Look for reviews about the company on third-party platforms, such as: 

  • Better Business Bureau 
  • Trustpilot  
  • Glassdoor 
  • Yelp 
  • Clutch 
  • Google Business Profiles 

If you are working with a freelancer through a platform, see what reviews their clients have left on their Upwork, Fiverr, Writer Access, and LinkedIn profiles.

A ranking website

One way in which white label services can show off their SEO skills is to have a well-ranking and optimized website. Their website’s performance is a sign of how skilled they are at SEO. Check out all the factors that influence their SEO ranking, such as user friendliness, navigability, speed, content, and links. Assume that your client is seeking assistance optimizing their website. It is best to start by looking at a potential service provider’s website. A white label firm that appears at the top of search engine results is a good place to start. 

Transparent SEO practices

Black hat SEO practices can result in short term results for your clients, but climbing this ladder to success is never worth it.

Unethical SEO methods include the use of: 

  • Keyword stuffing 
  • Hidden text 
  • Cloaking 
  • Duplicate content 
  • Negative SEO 
  • Misleading redirects 
  • Manipulative or paid links 
  • Misused structured data 
  • Gateway or doorway pages 

Black hat SEO doesn’t drive long-term results. It can also lead to penalizations or a ban by Google.

Using Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you can improve your site for better Google search ranking. All of these tactics fall within the ethical category. Therefore, white hat SEO practices are critical. You should be aware of any red flags when engaging with potential white label solutions providers. To be sure they are white hat, you need to shortlist agencies that are transparent about their processes and methods before deciding which one to hire. 

Assess communication and support

You should choose a white label solution that communicates effectively and timely. Bad communication skills and poor customer service will have a lasting effect on your ability to work effectively. Stay in touch with the agency through various channels. Consider email and telephone during working hours. Live chat and Slack exchanges. Ideally, your project manager should act as a source of communication whenever you have questions, need answers, or need information.

White-Label SEO

Ethics and transparency

Working together harmoniously is so much easier than working against one another. The only way to find out whether a white label agency is a good fit is to reach out and schedule some initial meetings. 

In addition to revealing if the company has any red flags, a meeting will show you how ethical and transparent they are, how they work, and whether you can build a working relationship with them. 

To create a shortlist of potential white label candidates, here is the list of some basic questions you can ask.

  • How many years of experience does your company or team have? 
  • What types of services do you offer? And what SEO areas do you specialize in? 
  • Do you work in specific niches or industries? How do you adapt your SEO strategy across brands, niches, and industries? 
  • What SEO tools do you use? (for example, BuzzSumo, Surfer, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc.) 
  • What SEO packages do you offer? What’s included in each? 
  • What’s your process for improving a website’s ranking? 
  • Do you have specific techniques or procedures that yield consistent successes? 
  • How do you manage your projects? 
  • What’s your preferred method of communication? 
  • How regularly do you communicate with your clients? 
  • Can you share examples of case studies showing how you’ve helped your clients or other agencies? 

In addition to answering your questions honestly, the best white label firm will also be transparent with their services, practices, contracts, and agreements. In addition to the backlinks, link-building activities, web design, code recommendations, content creation, and more, transparency should extend across all project fulfillment aspects.


In addition to extending their service offerings, digital marketing agencies can also employ white-label SEO to reduce overhead costs. By offering comprehensive SEO services under the agency’s brand, this approach not only boosts client satisfaction, but it also attracts new clients who are looking for one-stop shopping for digital marketing services. In addition to cost efficiency, scalability, and access to expertise, agencies can focus on client relationships and business growth by outsourcing to skilled partners.

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