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Threads Marketing

Threads Marketing for Professionals

The constant changes in digital marketing can be challenging to keep up with. Your company’s style guide changes as regulations change, apps update, best practices evolve, and best practices change. The process of digital marketing includes all of this and it is normal. A brand-new platform does not appear every day, however, and can be a major hurdle for marketers looking to expand their knowledge. The learning curve for a new feature of an existing platform is likely to be much shorter than the learning curve for a new platform.

It’s no surprise that some marketers have difficulty integrating Threads into their social media strategies. Throughout the marketing world, the text-based social media platform owned by Meta has generated a lot of buzz and started many conversations. Most social media teams, however, are still unsure how to utilize it effectively.

It looks like you’re in luck. Here are some suggestions from the Comcodia Marketing & Web Design social media team on how to introduce Threads to your audience!

Getting Started with Threads

Having debuted in July of 2023, Threads has already become one of the fastest-growing apps ever. With 100 million monthly active users, the app is currently the most popular in the world. There is no complicated premise here. Social media users can join public conversations on this text-based platform, share images and videos, and join public discussions. It’s important to note that while Threads support GIFs, videos, photos, and polls, text is the primary means of communication.

“Instagram is the place where billions of people around the world connect over photos and videos.”. Through Threads, we hope to bring Instagram’s best features to text, creating a positive and creative space for people to express themselves. Threads allow you to follow and interact with friends and creators who share your interests – including those you follow on Instagram. We also offer a range of user controls and safety features.”

Embrace agility as a Threads Marketing tip

Threads marketing best practices and standard operating procedures are still evolving, and marketers will need to develop with Threads as it grows. Whenever you are learning a new tech, keep this in mind. As a social media platform, Threads isn’t sure where it will go, but we can see potential growth areas. There is no Threads Advertising capability on the platform at the moment. We expect Meta to strongly consider introducing an advertising model on Threads similar to Google Ads, Reddit Ads, or X Ads, as Threads adds users and the reach of any campaign grows. Whatever the case, keep in mind that Threads will likely change as the platform grows, You should expect your brand’s social media strategy to change with it. Especially for an app that’s brand new, that’s a great recommendation for digital marketing.

Be conversational in your Threads Marketing

Discussions around a specific topic will be the primary use case for Threads. This is reflected in the very name of the platform. The platform’s text-based focus and conversation features are beneficial for a wide range of brands. Though Threads may be useful for many brands, we expect it to be a great tactic for those with solid community followings. A vibrant community is an excellent prerequisite for any conversation around a brand’s product or service using Threads.

However, Threads can be a great way to build a community even if you don’t have a passionate following. Making that community and getting more people talking about your brand is easy with polls, questions, and discussion forums.

Build on your social media strategy with Threads Marketing

Because Threads is a social-based app, it most likely falls under the purview of your social media team. There are many social media elements that Threads can integrate with, and much of what social media teams do daily is relevant to Threads. A well-designed thread will serve your brand well if you ask engaging questions about your brand, share relevant content, and ask for consumer feedback.

However, teams should recognize that Threads will be slightly different from other social media platforms, which is reflected in how Meta has set up the app. Instagram and Threads are not integrated yet, so it’s worth considering Threads as an independent app rather than a Facebook and Instagram extension. The main reason people visit Threads over Instagram or TikTok is to engage in conversations on a specific topic. The best results on Threads can be achieved by focusing your efforts on this goal.

Be careful with Threads Marketing

A social media app should have a few components that Threads lacks. Threads do not allow you to edit posts after they’ve been posted, and you cannot delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account, which is surprising considering the two are not integrated. As brands plan out their Threads marketing, we caution them to be cautious. A company that cannot fully commit to Threads may not be a good pick for Threads if it moves too quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Threads Marketing?

Threads Marketing refers to the strategic use of Threads, a text-based social media platform owned by Meta, for promoting brands, products, and services, and engaging with a target audience. It involves creating and participating in conversations relevant to your brand or industry to build community and brand awareness.

How does Threads differ from other social media platforms?

Threads is primarily a text-based platform that encourages public conversations, making it unique compared to image or video-centric platforms like Instagram or TikTok. It supports GIFs, videos, photos, and polls, but text is the primary means of communication.

Why should my business use Threads for marketing?

Threads offers a rapidly growing user base and a unique opportunity to engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations with your audience. It’s especially beneficial for brands with solid community followings or those looking to build a community around their brand.

Are there any advertising opportunities on Threads?

As of the latest updates, Threads does not yet have a dedicated advertising platform similar to those on other social media networks. However, it is expected that Meta will introduce advertising capabilities as the platform grows.

How can I get started with Threads Marketing?

Begin by creating a profile for your brand, and then engage with existing conversations relevant to your industry. You can also start your discussions, use polls and questions to engage users, and integrate Threads into your broader social media strategy.

Can Threads integrate with Instagram or other social media platforms?

Currently, Threads operates independently of Instagram, despite both being owned by Meta. This separation requires marketers to treat Threads as a standalone platform rather than an extension of Instagram.


Threads, a text-based social media platform owned by Meta, presents a unique opportunity and challenge for digital marketers. With its rapid growth and distinctive conversational focus, Threads requires a flexible and innovative approach. Marketers must embrace agility, understanding that best practices are still evolving alongside the platform. Successful Threads marketing hinges on engaging in meaningful conversations, integrating with existing social media strategies, and navigating the platform’s unique features and limitations. As Meta may introduce advertising capabilities in the future, marketers should stay adaptable and prepared for changes. Despite its challenges, Threads offers a valuable space for brands to build and engage with their communities. For those looking to explore this new platform, Comcodia Marketing & Web Design provides tailored social media strategies and audits to help businesses effectively leverage Threads in their digital marketing efforts.

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