How Will AI Change SEO?

How Will AI Change SEO

How Will AI Change SEO?

It is an undeniable fact that AI revolutionized every aspect of the business world, but the question comes to mind is that how it will affect SEO? However there is debate on the capability of Artificial intelligence, some expert SEOs still doubt whether can it take over completely or some portion of their field. Moreover, we know that the AI revolution does not come overnight, it come a long way in recent years.

Tools i.e. ChatGPT and other AI writing tools will not replace SEO content writers or agencies. Still, they will change the world of SEO marketing. Beyond skepticism, let’s dive into our informed insights on AI’s true potential (and limitations) in the realm of SEO.

AI Can Predict Oncoming Trends

Where SEO agencies have to face lots of challenges in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, one of the tough challenges is the understanding of what will future come with. A sign of good SEO agencies is that they stay up to date with changing trends in the field and change according to them and they continuously update their content. The data signal and user behavior are the key to compete in this fast-changing world of business. 

Things are rapidly changing, A new trend in consumer behavior, a new update of the algorithm on Google’s side, or a new product or development in the tech field could upend How SEO content is developed.

SEO agencies do their best according to the knowledge they have so far, however, AI gives potential, future predictions with current data signals they have. Although these data signals always exist they are overburdened and the rapidly changing world doesn’t give enough time to SEO agencies to quickly and accurately scour mountains of data.

How Will AI Change SEO

AI Can Expedite Keyword Research

Anyone who has a little bit of knowledge of SEO would know what are keywords and how important they are. It is a fundamental element of web development and getting rank on SERPs. Understanding the user’s keyword type in Google and other search engines is the basic step of a successful SEO strategy.  

Keywords have numerous variations “Digital Marketing Agency” is related to the term “marketing agency near me,” email marketing agency,” best SEO marketing agency”  and “internet marketing agency”.

Manuel keyword research has become past it is time-consuming and the time is money. Now AI cuts this time and provides auto-suggestion, however, experts know that an understanding of the niche and audience is still required.

AI Can Increase Optimization Opportunities

Content creation is only a part of SEO and good SEO agencies know it very well. The goal of SEO isn’t simply to create content around relevant keywords. Good SEO agencies have always known this, but they often fall into the trap of simply writing content for relevant keywords. The fact remains that well-written, SEO-optimized blogs and web pages are foundational deliverables and will remain so for some time to come. It is however too rare for SEO agencies to take the time to analyze and optimize the content they have created when it is live and posted on client websites.

The question is WHY? Time is a very important asset of any good SEO agency but rechecking the published content or blog and rewriting or editing it is a time-consuming task. It is not only about editing but it is attached to many other factors like technical aspects, performance details, and on-page ranking factors, and page ranking is attached to many data points. AI, however, is perfectly designed to do just that.

AI Can Expedite Processes

It is an undeniable fact that AI is revolutionised the marketing world and it is helpful in different matters but it is also true that AI is not as mature as humans are. It will take time to get maturity. AI is perfect for merging large amounts of data however, it is not mature enough for intensive research, content development, or tackling any subject requiring nuance. Soon, agencies will outsource some tasks like research of content topics, and SEO-optimized blog hierarchy. These are day-to-day tasks after outsourcing them to AI, owners have more time for strategic tasks.

Here is an important tip, never let AI develop content for your website and schedule it for a year without oversight. It is not recommended at any cost but AI can help you in brainstorming for topics to save you time.

What Not To Do

Don’t let AI write content without human oversight. AI can generate relevant content but may lack the nuanced understanding of your audience’s needs and brand voice.

Don’t Overly Rely On AI

AI can boost up your market. Content written by humans are irreplaceable effort, but it is just for a chunk of time and not permanently. Creating a blog by using AI is not recommended at any cost.

Human-written content has a natural and appealing tone that attracts customers but AI-generated content delivers satisfactory information but doesn’t have an engaging tone. 

Don’t Fail To Double-Check AI’s Work

Imagine you’re targeting “SEO agency” keywords and unleash the power of AI to generate a keyword list. Sounds like a time-saver, right? But hold on before blindly deploying them in your Google Ads campaigns.

Let’s say AI throws in “SEO agencies hiring near me.” Excited about the potential, you add it without rechecking. Fast forward a bit, and your hiring team drowns in applications for non-existent jobs, while your marketing budget hemorrhages on irrelevant clicks.

While this scenario might be fictional, the lesson is real: AI excels at suggesting similar terms and speeding up processes, but human oversight is crucial. Two seemingly identical terms to AI can translate to vastly different results for your business goals.

How Will AI Change SEO

Don’t Think AI Replaces Strategy

AI required your help to develop and drive a full-funnel marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence might help expedite parts of the strategy, improve tactical executions, and streamline reporting, but it will never be able to replace a marketing strategy. As AI makes tactical executions easier, we expect to see more and more small businesses focus on marketing tactics at the expense of marketing strategy. That would be a huge mistake. 

A well-developed marketing strategy is an important asset of a company but researching, developing, planning, and approving a marketing strategy for several teams and units take a huge amount of time.

What does that look like? Marketing tactics are the how of your marketing. Email marketing, SEO, and branding are all tactics within a comprehensive marketing strategy. They are helpful vehicles to help drive your business forward, but the overarching goal, message, and measurement of your marketing strategy aren’t done at the tactical level. AI will give businesses much-needed aid in optimizing their marketing tactics, whether in SEO, web development, social media, or videography. 

Frequently Asked Question

How will AI impact the future of SEO?

AI will enhance SEO through better search algorithms and personalized results, improving content creation and optimization but not fully replacing the human strategic input.

Is SEO going to be replaced by AI?

AI will automate many SEO tasks but won’t replace the need for human creativity and strategic planning in understanding market trends and crafting content strategies.

How will generative AI change SEO?

Generative AI will streamline content creation for SEO, necessitating new strategies to ensure content uniqueness and value in a competitive landscape.

What is the role of artificial intelligence in SEO?

AI significantly aids SEO by improving search engine analysis, enabling personalized results, and supporting professionals in keyword research and content optimization.


AI is poised to revolutionize SEO, but it won’t entirely replace human expertise. While AI can predict trends, expedite keyword research, and enhance content optimization, the necessity for human insight and strategic planning remains crucial. AI assists in handling vast data and automating processes, yet it lacks the nuanced understanding required for complex decision-making and content creation with a natural, engaging tone. Relying solely on AI without human oversight can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Thus, while AI is a powerful tool for streamlining SEO tasks, it complements rather than replaces the strategic and creative aspects of SEO.

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